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Message from professor, David McLeod:

Project710 is an effort to realize just what a college class can do when the learning environment is focused on action. My name is David McLeod and I’m teaching a course on Adult and Juvenile Justice Policy to graduate students in the VCU SSW in the Spring of 2013. In this course each student will develop a real community based project focused on activism in reference to a specific, and relevant, justice policy issue. They will research their topic, identify local stakeholders, assess for needed intervention, develop an action-plan, and deploy a relevant digital story to advocate their issue. Throughout the semester the students will work together to collaborate, monitor, and audit each others projects, and at the end the most inspiring project will be funded. ALL monies acquired through these donations will go toward funding that students project. Its not a prize they get to keep; its a prize they get to give. For more information visit:

Transforming the way we approach higher education through empowering students.

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